Xmarks for IE

Xmarks for IE

Xmarks for IE can synchronize your favorites between several computers
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Xmarks for IE is a free add-on that can synchronize your favorites between several computers.
Xmarks is a free online service that keeps a backup of your favorites in the Internet server. By entering your favorites into your Xmarks account (that you can get for free), you will be able to keep them synchronized in every computer you use to connect to the Internet.

This way, you will not only have all your favorites in any computer. As the bookmarks will be saved in an online server, you will not lose them in case of a computer crash. Besides this, the site will allow you to search into their base of shared bookmarks for a given keyword. As there are versions of this program for Firefox, Internet Explorer, MAC OS X browser and Google Chrome, you will be able to synchronize your favorites no matter what browser you use on your machine. You can install the right version of this program for your browser by checking your account at http://my.xmarks.com.

The program will place an icon in the system tray that will allow you to enter a context menu that will let you use all the features of this program.

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  • It is free.
  • It allows you to have the same favorites in every computer you use


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